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Nigeria @61: Human Right Violation, Wanton Killings, Flagrant Disregard To Rule Of Law, Others




By Keneware Emmanuel

Nigeria, a forcefully conglomerated, conquered and colonized product of Britain attained her long overdue independence on October 1st 1960 with high hopes and euphoria golden celebration of freedom from oppression, suppression, slavery and exploitation.

However, hitherto, the euphoric freedom celebration was greeted with indigenous bitterness, tribal bigotry and ethnicity, regional and religious jingoism, majority conquest/superiority among others rocked the independence Political ship of Nigeria.

Instead of celebrating freedom from poverty, oppression and exploitation, it becomes a greater measure of those nefarious act, as it is now internal colonialism and oppression with the bold inscription “NIGERIANS INHUMANITY TO NIGERIANS”.


With the North claiming firm ownership of political power and rulership in the nation. And the South becomes the golden hen that lays the golden egg yet suffer Political and developmental wickedness.

Sixty-one (61) years after, particularly in this dispensation, Nigeria has witnessed incessant human right violations like the case of Sowere, Wanton killings, flagrant disregard to court order, skyrocketing price of foodstuff, increase level of poverty and squalor, high debt profile, high level of corruption among others.

However, in the midst of these horrendous, dehumanizing and inhuman vices, Nigerians laments with no choice than celebrate a nation forcefully amalgamated and whose leaders are worse than the colonialist.

Nigeria, the acclaimed “Giant of Africa” is now the ‘Small brother of Africa’ as a result of her borrowing rate in the comity of nations.
At 61, Nigeria ought to be among the top best economies in the world. An average Nigerian need to be comfortable and eating three square meal a day without thinking of tomorrow’s sorrows.


Nigeria leaders need to wake up and invest on the people. The primary purpose of government is the provision of welfare and security of the people. Nigeria leaders should stop embezzling her monies and using them to invest outside the country, hereby enriching other nations.

The panacea to Nigeria’s problem is to tackle and reduce corruption to the barest minimum, industrialized the nation’s economy and increase rapid infrastructural development vis a vis granting employment opportunities to the unemployed, will attempt to curb the high level of crime rocking the nation.

Nigeria is a numerously and abundantly blessed nation. Therefore, need to be self reliant, independence in all ramifications and be among the top leading economies in the world.

At 61, we are supposed to be a Big Brother to nations not only in Africa but the world at large.


Happy Independence Nigeria!

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Daily Report Nigeria

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