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Nigeria Can Benefit From Floods if Properly Managed – NIHSA



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Clement Nze, director-general of the Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (NIHSA), has called for proper management of flooding, saying it can be of great economic benefit to Nigeria if properly managed.

Nze, while addressing Newsmen in Abuja on Saturday,  explained that the country can channel floods to the agricultural sector and establishment of hydropower plants.

He said:  “Water that is supposed to be a blessing is becoming a curse. Nigeria is tremendously blessed with a huge amount of both surface and groundwater, but the challenge has been the proper management of this resource. Not until we see water as an economic resource, we will continue like this,”

“After each cycle of flooding, the agriculturists will tell you that the nutrients capacity of the soil had highly improved and they experienced bumper harvest. We can convert this flood to economic benefits to our nation.”


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He lamented that insufficient dam systems are responsible for constant flooding in the country, disclosing that there were about 400 dams, with less than 200 of them identified as “large dams”.

“There is so much to be done with dams. We have enough water for development of hydropower plants and other economic projects,”


“We have been advising the state governments to find a way to construct diversion canals by the Rivers Niger and Benue and channel the waters a distance away and develop another city there. It cannot only be a means of flood reduction, but can be used for agriculture and other businesses.” the NIHSA Boss said.

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