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Nigeria’s Cinema Records in March, Agency Report



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The Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria announced on Monday, April 3 that it made N346.6 million in March from ticket sales across the country.

Patrick Lee, the CEAN’s National President, revealed this in a Lagos interview with the News Agency of Nigeria.

The figure represented a 45 per cent rise over the 189 million realized in March 2021, according to Lee.

In March, he highlighted the top-grossing films in Nigeria.
“The Batman”; “Uncharted”; “The Contractor”; “A Simple Lie” and “Turning Red.”


He said:
“For the month of March 2022, we have N346,607,688.00 ticket sales, this is quite encouraging compared to what we had in February, N301,480,148.00.

The Batman sold the highest number of tickets accounting for 39 per cent of box office revenue for the month of March.

Comparatively, 2022 has continued to record higher box office revenue than 2021, March shows a 45 per cent improvement from 2021 performance and a 7 per cent growth from February 2022.

Of the 41 films shown in Nigeria cinemas in the month of March, Hollywood accounted for 75 per cent of revenues despite having only 14 titles.”


The following films will be released in April, according to Lee:
I’m Nazzy, Sonic The Hedgehog, Saint Mark, Morbius, Bad Guys, King of Thieves, and Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore.
The Blood Covenant, Twenty Nine, Ben from Downstairs, The Lost City, Rainy Day, The Man for the Job, Memory and Downtown Abbey: A New Era, and A Hunt for Joe.

Again, he said:
“As we say goodbye to the first quarter, we can’t wait to unravel the package for the second, beginning with a promising delivery of Marvel’s new superhero flick, “Morbius.”

“Its trailer suggests a blend of action, sci-fi, thriller, and horror; we are keen to see how moviegoers from our region would respond. Horrors have not realised the best figures at the Nigerian box office.”

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