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Northern Groups Beg UN to Hasten Biafra Actualisation



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Biafra actualization gets Northern blessings

A Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) has called for the intervention of the United Nations in facilitating the actualisation of the Biafra, the independent country sought for by the Igbos.

The intervention plea was contained in a communiqué issued by CNG spokesperson, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman after an emergency meeting in on Tuesday in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory.

The group blamed the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) for the rising levels of insecurity, while lamenting the federal government’s inability to stem the protect Northerners from being attacked by Southerners.

The communique reads in part;
“The CNG hereby resolves to call on our friends and the international community, the UK especially, to understand that our bilateral friendship is guided by the principles of sovereignty, promotion of peace and the standards that guide legitimate interference.

“Hence, their intervention, exclamations and actions should not be drawn to discountenance the effort of the Nigerian state to protect citizens from violence and terror.

“We finally wish to renew our request for the global community’s intervention in persuading Nigerian authorities and the United Nations to facilitate the final actualization of the Biafran dream by the Igbo,” CNG said.

“The world should keep in mind that by far, a destabilised Nigeria will certainly threaten the peace and security of the entire sub-Saharan Africa.”

“In the South, gangs of armed IPOB militia, violent secessionists and an assortment of militant groups appear to sense a huge vacuum in the capacity and political will by the Federal Government to challenge them, which they exploit with disastrous consequences on the nation’s security assets and specifically on northern communities and individuals living as minorities in the South while the presidency wallows in deflecting the issue.”

“is now taking a more ominous and repulsive form and context with open declaration of violence and anarchy against other parts of Nigeria and the Nigerian State.”

The GNG lamented the level of insecurity in the North, saying that the region had never experienced the present level of exposure to criminals and bandits under the regime of Buhari.

While describing as empty and of no effect ‘threats and promises’ to tackle insecurity by President Buhari, the CNG said that “between December 2020 and April 2021, over 970 students were abducted from their schools in the Northern part of Nigeria with a substantial number still in captivity and some violently executed.”

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