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NUIS: President Hopeful Suowari Unveils 3-Point Agenda as Elections Beckons



A frontline aspirant for President of the National Union of Izon-ebe Students World-wide, NUIS, Comrade Gesiowei Paulinus Suowari has unveiled his would-be working template if voted in to lead the apex student body in Ijaw Nation.

Comrade Suowari, an indigene of Kiagbodo in Ngbilebiri Kingdom, Burutu Local Government Area is a a post graduate student of the Department of Religious Studies, University of Benin.

He currently serves as the President of National Association of Kiagbodo Students, as well as a Senator on the legislative arm of the National Association of Bututu Local Government Students, NABLOGS.

In soliciting for the support and votes of delegates, the aspirant said;

I wish to, at this juncture officially declare my interest of vying for the presidency of National Union Of Izon-ebe Students (NUIS) Worldwide, and to plead for your support for my vision.

I’m quite aware of the enormity surrounding my ambition. I know the high level of responsibility tied to the office. I also know and believe that I am equal to the task by God’s grace, otherwise I wouldn’t bother to step forward to lay my point, because that will be an act of lying. And I would rather burry my interest than to come out to lie to you all, because I know that honesty and integrity are the hallmark of a good leader. I have come so that we will together solve the challenges incessantly facing NUIS for a while now.

An author once said that to solve a problem, you must identify it first.

It’s worthy of note that NUIS has been struggling to level up her prodigious status with performance for the past few years. And that I take to be a slap in the face of the number one (1) Student body of the entire Izon Nation. I have come to debunk mediocrity in NUIS. I have come to point out that we are far above and greater than the mediocre performances that have been exhibited over time that is now seemingly becoming a norm. I refuse to accept mediocrity as the norm. NUIS must move to the next level.

I have just three main bullet points I want us to join hands to work on if I am privileged to emerge as the President with your support;

1. Revitalization of NUIS as a breeding ground towards supporting the Izon struggle.
The Izon struggle is not complete without recognizing the sacrifices of the students. It is from NUIS one can think of Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), it is from IYC one can think of Ijaw National Congress (INC). Therefore if we don’t capacitate the breeding ground which serves as the foundation, we will carelessly produce incompetent leaders of tomorrow. Hence it is my goal to ensure that the foundation is recast and standing firm.

2. Creating of a better relationship between NUIS National body and the various chapter bodies
I don’t need a prophet to tell me that this will solve a hefty fifty percent (50%) of the problems NUIS is facing. That’s because this facet has long been neglected, and its negative effects are felt by all and sundry. How does it make you feel as a chapter Executive or even as a member that throughout your four or five years course in the university, not even one National Officer graced your meetings and Cultural Day Celebration? We need to let each other know that there’s greater force in synergy. Believe me, when we do it together and for each other, our ties of unity and love will be stronger, and we will be unstoppable from achieving anything.

3. To encourage a stronger voice in NUIS worldwide
The struggle is all about voicing. The moment we become weak in voicing, we kill the spirit of the struggle. Adaka Boro became our hero because of voicing. The great Tompolo is our living legend because he stood up to speak up. The voice of NUIS must be heard everywhere, and this time around louder, presenting those issues that bite us as a people. It’s high time our focus on Education as a student body is prioritized. I refuse to keep quiet, because to keep quiet is to kill the Struggle. I stand today to speak up even louder for my people. Who is standing with me?

I need you to achieve this vision of taking NUIS to the next level. We are no longer repeating the same mistakes. Enough is enough.
Let’s join hands together and do this together!

Aahhhh Izon!
Great NUIS!

Vote Capacity
Vote Credibility
Vote Competence
And I speak up, WE MOVE!

Meanwhile, the elective convention of the National Union of Izon-ebe student has set to hold on 28th – 29th, 2021 at Ogbe-Ijoh, headquarters of Warri South West Local Government Area.

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