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Ogun residents protests Over Alleged Land Grabbing



Ogun state

Residents of Yakoyo in Ogun State’s Ifo Local Government Area have protested an alleged assault on them by land grabbers plotting to take over their land.

Hundreds of residents in the vicinity of Lagos State took to the streets to express their dissatisfaction with the activities of hoodlums they claimed were backed by the Olojodu of Ojodu, Oba Olusegun Benson.

Protesters held placards with messages such as ‘Olojodu, stop intimidating people over their land.’ ‘No free land for sale in Yakoyo,’ ‘Olojodu stop breaking Ogun State’s Land Grabbers’ Law,’ and ‘Olojodu stop inflicting injury on Yakoyo community members over land.’

Speaking to reporters, the Chairman of the Yakoyo Area Community Development Committee, Olanrewaju Ayokunle, stated that the problems began in 2019 with the emergence of the new Olojodu.


“Ojodu has a Lagos side and an Ogun State side,” he explained, “and Yakoyo has a Lagos side and an Ogun side.” But this is Yakoyo, Ogun State, and we’ve been here a long time. ”

So, when the new Olojodu arrived, he wanted to establish a market here, and we told him that this is our land, and whatever market is established, we must have a say in it. Of course, they were filling the land under the bridge with debris, but the Ministry of Environment stopped them. As a result, he (Olojodu) had Yakoyo on his mind, and all he wanted was to annex Yakoyo.

He also accused the community of being forced to accept a new ‘Baale,’ saying, “We must have a say in the emergence of who governs us.”

Miss Adefunmi Buraimoh, a CDC executive member who was attacked by the hoodlums, claimed collusion between the alleged land grabbers and the police.


“Our neighborhood is no longer safe. “We want to strictly channel our matter to the government because they said they have Dapo Abiodun in their pockets, IGP in their pockets, and that even if they kill, nothing will happen,” she explained.

She urged the state government to intervene immediately to prevent a breakdown in law and order.

Thomas Falade, a retired man, said he bought his land over 40 years ago and warned that any attempt to take over his land would be fiercely resisted.

Speaking to reporters at his palace, the Olojodu of Ojodu stated that there had been no cases of land grabbing in the Yakoyo community.


He requested that the residents of the community provide any written documents or notices regarding the alleged plans to take over their land.

The monarch, on the other hand, claimed that the trouble began when he, as the community’s consenting authority, installed a new Baale.

He claimed that the Yakoyo CDA insisted on the right to install the traditional chief.

“The CDC or CDA organized themselves and wrote me a letter announcing the appointment of a new Baale following the demise of the former Baale,” he explained. The letter has arrived.


“Where do you see a CDC or CDA appointing Baale?” I asked when I called. “I told them it was not within their rights to appoint Baale. They are not from Aworiland; they simply arrived, purchased land, and built houses. Over the Baale appointment, I asked them to go meet the Koseni family, the original landowner, but they refused. The new Baale was brought by the Koseni family.”

When contacted, DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi, Public Relations Officer for the Ogun State Police, denied that the police had taken any action in the crisis saying there is no evidence of truth.

According to Oyeyemi, a case of assault was reported to the police, and while some suspects were arrested, they were later released on bail “because it’s a bailable offence.”

“Releasing someone on bail does not mean the case is over.” During the process, the Kabiyesi, Olojodu, invited all of them and informed the DPO that he would settle the dispute between the two parties. “They were released to seek a peaceful resolution to the situation,” he added.


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