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PAP: ‘Don’t Be Like The Snake That Eats Itself,’ Bakumor Tells Ijaw Youths



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…Say Amnesty Program about Ex-agitators’ welfare, not contracts and companies

A youth leader in Niger Delta, Comrade Ellington Bakumor has called on Ijaw youths to avoid infighting among themselves over the Presidential Amnesty Program, PAP.

Bakumor’s call follows the recent issues raised over ex-militant leaders and how they are paid their monthly stipends.

In a e-statement sent to Daily Report Nigeria, the foremost Egbesu Brotherhood Deputy Leader tasked youths in the Niger Delta to distance themselves from acting like the Ouroboros snake that eats itself.


He stressed that the Amnesty Program is solely about the welfare of ex-agitators and their camp members, saying that so far, the Interim Administrator is living up to expectations in that regard.

He blamed the many irrelevant comments on some unscrupulous elements trying to gain relevance in the political space.

Bakumor said;
“Struggling to be relevant in the political space is not a bad thing , but we must not do so with so much desperation and vindictiveness to the detriment of ourselves and our region like the Ouroboros snake that eats itself.


“The amnesty Program is primarily about the Niger Delta ex-agitators. It is not about contracts and companies, it is about settlement of ex-agitators and their camps. How they choose to be paid their monies shouldn’t be anyone’s business especially when you are not an ex agitator, never had a camp and never fired a gun against the Nigerian state to fight for resource control.

“Secondly, we should ask if the payment of this monies and other training and empowerment programs from the Amnesty office handled the issues of the Niger Delta by reducing crime rate, militancy, pipeline vandalisation, and other vices that crippled the production of oil in the region. The answer is a capital yes.


“So if the strategy of the Interim Administrator in consultation with ex-agitators, who are the primary reason for the amnesty is yielding results, then every other issue such as monies been paid to personal accounts of the agitators for their camps, which didn’t even start with this current administration shouldn’t be an issue at all.


“I know the Amnesty office through the office of the current IA is open and ready to attend to issues and complaints and ready to listen to reasonable discussions.

“I will advise my people to please try to do more to reach out to the office to get explanations rather than trying to leak documents that don’t hold water.

“The IA Col Millan Dikio is ready to work, and he’s taking the amnesty program to greater heights. His results are clear and glary for all to see. Let us support him to work and give us fruitful results.”


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