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Pastor Kingsley Explains Why Men Cheat




Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, a Lagos-based pastor and relationship counsellor has disclosed why men need multiple women to satisfy their sexual desire.

The lead pastor of David Christian Centre (DCC), an online influencer and specialist on teachings regarding marriage, shared a video on his Instagram handle titled; “The truth about marrying more than one person.”

According to him, a man can marry three wives and continue to cheat on them because it is more of a character issue than a satisfaction issue.

The pastor stated that the saying: “One woman can’t meet a man’s sexual needs,” is the same as “one man can’t meet all of a woman’s emotional needs.”


Speaking of women, he insisted that they were created to be versatile, emotional, and demanding, adding that It takes a very rich man to meet a woman’s financial needs because she demands at every point.

He stressed that women go through a lot emotionally which men don’t even have time to figure out because they always think about how to get money. A woman would remain in her husband’s house even though all her needs can’t be met.

The cleric opined that one needs self-discipline and contentment to enjoy what God has given in a relationship or marriage.

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