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Police Nab Woman with Seven Aborted foetuses in Her Room



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Police arrested an Indonesian woman after her ex- landlady found about seven aborted foetuses in a room she rented.

Reports stated that the foetuses were discovered when the mother of the unborn babies, a 26-year-old hospital worker with the initials; N.M. moved out of the house in the Indonesian city of Makassar.

It was gathered that the landlady of the boarding house, Nulfah Anugrahwaty, had gone
to clean N.M.’s former room when she perceived an awful smell.

She tracked the stench down to four taped-up boxes in a corner of the room before discovering the foetuses.


The Police went to the scene and tracked N.M. thereafter to the Konawe Regency in South Sulawesi.

The authorities also arrested N.M’s boyfriend in the province of South Kalimantan.

The couple was taken back to Makassar for the police investigation.

According to reports, N.M. told the police that she and her partner had been carrying out the DIY abortions since 2012 when N.M. was just 16. The last self-termination took place last year, 2021.


N.M. claimed that she took a concoction to abort her multiple pregnancies, while her boyfriend would then help to extract the unborn babies afterwards.

When asked about the motivation for their actions, she explained that they had carried out the abortions to prevent the humiliation of getting pregnant outside of wedlock in the majority Muslim country.

Abortion is illegal in Indonesia, but exceptional in some circumstances such as rape.

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