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President Buhari says Nigeria Security system has Improved in his Administration



president buhari

President Buhari has said that he has tackled a great level of the security challenge in the country under his government.

He said this during an interview on Channels Television recently.

President Buhari said he has been able to tackle the challenges of insecurity in the North-East region of the country.
“I think you can recall that during my campaign in 2015, I spoke of vital issues, security, economy and fighting corruption, buhari said.

“For Nigerians, during our administration, they should try and find out, from 2015 till now, the same promises we made improving security, economy and trying to fight corruption.


“Well on the security for the North-East, particularly Borno, Adamawa, ask anybody from the North-East, there were a lot of local governments that were in the hands of Boko Haram and other terrorist groups but none of these local governments now are in their control.”

The President also said the Nigerian armed forces have recorded a number of successes in the North-West and North-Central in the fight against banditry in recent weeks.

President Buhari said “Within the last four weeks, there are improvements in the North-East and North-Central”.

President Buhari’s comments comes despite consistent attacks on innocent Nigerians in almost every part of the country by armed gangs.


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