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“Real Madrid History Has Been Written”- Cristiano Ronaldo



"Real Madrid History Has Been Written"- Cristiano Ronaldo

Portuguese superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo has poured cold water on transfer rumours hovering around him.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Ronaldo stated everyone knows him and are aware of how focused he is on his work, saying less talk and more action have been his guiding motto since the day he began his career.

The Superstar said that given everything that has been said and written about him recently, he has to back his position, adding that it is more than disrespect for him as a man and as a player.


The statement addressed the frivolous way his future was covered in the media, labelling it a disrespect to all the clubs involved in these rumors, as well as to their players and staff.

“My story at Real Madrid has been written. It has been recorded.”, said Ronaldo

His history had been recorded in words and numbers, trophies and titles, records and headlines. The Museum at the Bernabeu Stadium can bear witness to his achievements. The minds of every fan of the club would forever remember him.


He added that beyond what he achieved, he remembers that in those nine years, he had a relationship of deep affection and respect for ‘merengue afición’. This is the affection and respect that he has retained to this day and that he will always cherish.

In addition, the prolific forward says he knows that the true Real Madrid fans will continue to have him in their hearts, and he will have them in his.


What has been said


In respect to the most recent episode in Spain, there have been frequent news and stories associating Cristanio with some clubs in many different leagues.

The sad part is the press nor anyone was concerned about trying to find out the actual truth from him. He said that he is breaking his silence to debunk the news and he would not allow people to keep playing around with his name. He is focused on his career and his work. He is committed and prepared for all the challenges he will have to face.

“Everything else? It just talks.”


El Chiringuito de Jugones, a Spanish TV show, reported on Monday that Real Madrid wanted to re-sign Ronaldo. Real Madrid’s manager Carlo Ancelotti also dismissed the report, dismissing talks of the Portuguese forward returning to the club.

This was done via a tweet, saying Ronaldo is a Real Madrid legend and has all his love and respect. He made it known that he has tried to sign him. Although, if there is a chance of it happening in the future; they are looking forward to it.

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