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Taliban: Afghanistan Women to Study in Universities With Conditions



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The government of Afghanistan has allowed for students of both sexes to study at universities.

This is subject to the condition that the male and female students do not study together in a classroom, hence, the right to continue to study is premised on ‘genders-segregation’ of classrooms.

Use of hijab will also be made mandatory for women if they are to continue to study at universities.


In addition, subjects being offered in universities will also re-examined.

According to Associated Press, the new policy was declared today by the Minister of Education, Abdul Baqi Haqqani at a news conference.

The policy as mentioned by Haqqani aims at alleviating the strict rules of 20 years ago.


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When the Taliban had the ascendancy from 1996 to 2001, Sharia was implemented. Men were required to leave their beards grow and women were compelled to wear an all-encompassing burqa, covering both hair and face.


Women were also confined to their abode except in the company of male relatives when going out whereas girls were denied education.


Music, except religious chants was also banned to prevent vulgarity, likewise some electronic products.

Severe punishments including public executions of convicted adulterers and murderers, amputations for theft were also meted out under Islamic law.

According to Haqqani, The new policy now aims to start building on what exists today as against continuing to impose the strict rule in force for over 19 years.


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