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Teacher With HIV Defiles 14 Students in Niger



Teacher With HIV Defile14 Students | Daily Report Nigeria
Teacher With HIV Defiles 14 Students

A teacher has been accused of molesting 14 pupils in the Ventral Primary School Karanonde, Niger State.

The incident, which happened in Borgu Local Government Area of Niger State, has raised concerns and anger amongst the parents of the victims.

It was gathered that the accused, Alhaji Usman Galadima, was said to have molested the girls, and threatened to kill them if they told anyone.


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However, in July, two of the pupils reported to the school’s headmistress, Hajiya Maimunat Tanko, that their teacher had molested them.

The headmistress reported to the headmaster, Mallam Abdullahi Toure, who then summoned the accused teacher. However, Alhaji Galadima denied the students’ claims.



As time passed, more students opened up that they have been molested by the same teacher, Alhaji Galadima, forcing the school to start investigating the matter.

Galadima continued to maintain his innocence until a delegation sent by Bà Karabonde, the traditional head of Karabonde arrived at the school to complain that some girls from grades 2 and 3 of the school had told their parents that they were touched by Alhaji.

The kids claimed Galadima told them to come to school very early and he took advantage of their early arrival to assault them.


Hearing this, an angry mob went to the school demanding for Galadima, but by this time, he had been smuggled out of the school.

Further investigations proved that he is HIV positive.

After the delegation arrived at the school, Galadima capitulated and confessed to assaulting only one of the girls.


The case was transferred to the Borgu Emirate Council and Galadima was promised leniency if he confessed.

With time, Galadima changed his statement multiple times, claiming he only abused two of the girls before later admitting to abusing 5 of them.

So far, 14 girls have come forward, with some revealing how Alhaji Galadima asked them to kiss him and play with his private part. Others said he raped them.


The children were taken to the hospital to check if Galadima has infected them with HIV, but the hospital didn’t give them the test results, they only prescribed drugs for the kids.

Galadima is currently on the run as he is nowhere to be found.

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