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The Effect Of Party Lines in Executing Good Governance



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….”Anybody who wants to become Nigeria’s President should join the All Progressive Congress (APC).”

By Comrade Nelson Idoro

It is high time Nigerians become fully aware that the agenda of the APC is to endanger the collective will of Nigerians. A government without the fear of God and empathy for the people who entrusted them with their lives by voting for them en mass in the year 2015.
The situation which we currently find ourselves today is a degenerated and archaic system of government where politicians seek first and pursue their primordial interests against the wishes of those who sent them and whose interest they ought to be representing.


The recent decision by the Senate President, Ahmed Lawan Led Legislature in massively voting against the Electronic transmission of votes to the Independence National Electronic Commission (INEC), is a clear testament that the Buhari Led government and the APC have perfected plans to massively rig the forth coming elections in the country. No wonder decamping of various officers ranging from the National Assembly (Reps) to the chief executive officers of various states (Governors) has become the only option left for those officers who are now under the radar and are being persuaded. Not because the Buhari Led Administration has anything outstanding which is worthy of emulation, or attractive which the various officers claimed to have made them decamp from the PDP to the APC in other for them to join forces with the President. But, It is just a clear case of “if you can’t beat them, join them”. This act inconsistency and double standard by the APC is a shame, archaic, undemocratic, and an uncivilized way of how things ought to be done.

We the Nigeria people say No to enslavement by our own elected servants. We enormously reject the move by the Senate, The Buhari Led Administration and the APC to perpetually hold us down by causing Nigeria to remain stagnant, this has made us become a laughing stock to the western world.


The recent act of the Senate in overwhelmingly voting against the inclusion of the transmission of votes through electronic means to INEC reminds me of the interview held with President Mohammadu Buhari when he was asked if he will hand over power to the PDP? His answer was shocking “I will never handover to the PDP, whosoever that wants to be the next President should better come and join the APC”. This answer alone tells me that this man is up to something, sooner or later that thing will be revealed to Nigerians. Now, Here we are being taken back to the era of 1984-1985.


Buhari knows that the Nigerian people cannot score him and the APC Government up to 30% for his achievements, hence, he is resulting to massively rig the 2023 elections to the favour of the APC, What a shame, what a *brouhaha*; what a man we have as president!

Even if Mr. President and his cohorts think Nigerians can’t stop them from achieving their grievous plans, even after all the hullabaloo over this treacherous and wicked Bill which they can hide upon to execute their evil acts against the collective will of the people, I want them to remember that there is God and that the God who sits in his heavenly throne will surely stop them.

Comrade Nelson Idoro
A Human Right Activist, Political Analyst and Social Commentor.
[email protected]


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Daily Report Nigeria

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