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The Importance of Secular Music



By Nathan Isaac

Please pay keen attention, i will be hitting the nail right on the head so you don’t have to read an encyclopedia to get the point. So get your pen and just take note.

We perish for lack of knowledge and nothing else.

First of all you need to Google the word “secular”. The Oxford dictionary defines it as something not connected to religious or spiritual matters.

Religious people both try and pretend to avoid the secular because it is not associated with religion. “Spiritual people” struggle to avoid the secular because it is non-spiritual. Both try but cannot completely succeed and you know why? No human on earth can go through life without interfacing with the secular. Every person, animal, place or thing that is not connected to religious or spiritual matters is secular, and you cannot do without secular things! The microphone you use in your church is a secular item. It can be used to bless, curse, sing any type of song, but you choose what you use it for.

Please note that the word secular is not a negative word. It is more of a neutral word. Secular places, platforms or opportunities are neutral. The secular is a neutral playing field.

Now secular music is music that is neither religious nor spiritual, so because of its nature it is more like the food for the soul. The soul is where we have the heart, the mind and all, which is where the issues of life flow from, but the religious and the spiritual ignore it.

If you are too religious or too spiritual to take advantage of this neutral playing ground called the secular, you are too small to make great impact. This is why secular musicians most times have more followers than the religious or “spiritual”. Everyone makes contact with the secular whether they like it or not. As long as you are not 100% spirit you must make contact with the secular.

Why do we have religious people who are big fans of secular musicians? It is for the same reason I just mentioned.

Secular music appeals to the soul, and whatever appeals to the soul consistently shapes behaviour and lifestyle.

The secular is a neutral ground, the secular is the market place and those who know how to take advantage of it win dominace of lifestyle and culture. No matter how spiritual or religious you are, if you cannot take advantage of the secular, you have not yet started going into all the world.

Now to local churches, you need to depopulate your church choir. Some people should be doing secular music. If we say the God we serve is love and is the author of love, then why leave the subject of love to be dominantly defined by sensuality and obscenity in the secular field? We leave people who rely on drugs to be stable to give people hope? Whilst you sit comfortably in your self-righteousness, undermining the power of the Spirit on your inside?

Remember it is whatever that happens in the secular field that dominantly influences culture, life style and ideologies. So you ignore what dominantly influences culture and lifestyle and wait for them to come to church so you can “fix them”? Is that smart? Think about it. After “fixing them” on Sunday they relapse on Tuesday or Wednesday because of the things that dominate the secular space, and when they get tired of going back and forth they quit or become professional hypocrites, keeping up appearances. Why do we allow this when we can deal with the root cause? Religion will not allow you.

Do people have to backslide to play in the secular field? No! Just the same way you don’t need to backslide to get a job or do business, you don’t need to backslide to be a secular artiste. The reason people backslide to play in the secular field is because the religious and the “spiritual” think of the secular as something negative or sacrilegious, not as something neutral that we earnestly need to take advantage of.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Daily Report Nigeria.

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