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Tinubu’s Presidential Ambition Immoral, Igbo Must Succeed Buhari – Youths



2023: Lawmaker Asks Tinubu To Run For President | Daily Report Nigeria
The Ohanaeze Ndigbo youth wing, has said the ambition of former Lagos State Governor, Bola Tinubu, to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023 is legal but immoral.

The youths insisted that the next President of the country must come from the southeast zone for the sake of unity and peace.

The is coming in reaction to Tinubu’s recent visit to Buhari at the presidential villa in Abuja on Monday to declare his desire to lead the country in 2023.

But the Ohanaeze youth wing, in a statement by the acting national youth leader, Mazi Jones FCC Onwusoanya, on Thursday, said: “Jagaban has made his indisputable mark as a politician, here is an among the pantheon of Azikwe’s, Awolowo’s, Aminu Kano’s, Tafawa’s, etc.

“Tinubu’s aspiration to be Nigerian President at this time is legal but immoral. The next President of Nigeria should come from the southeast. Any leader who is not ready to forfeit his political ambition for the sake of Nigeria’s unity and peace is not worthy of being its President.


“Yes, Tinubu has many things going for him, but this out country is peculiar, we are sensitive to our diversity and at this time, the best way to preserve our nationhood is to make the Igbo, especially of the southeast, feel that truly they are still Nigerians and they can have all the rights and privileges of being Nigerians. Make one of the President.

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“I do not know what ideas a President Tinubu would want to implement that he can’t pass through and have them implemented through a President Nwabueze, a President Okechukwu, a President Emeka, or a President Onwusoanya.

“He has made governors, Senators, Ministers, a Vice President and even a President, this time is ripe for him to make Nigeria. Yes, let him make Nigeria, by making Nigeria heal. Sacrificing his ambition will be the biggest sacrifice anyone of hsi generation would have made for the sake of Nigeria”


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