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Ukraine/Russia War: Putin Likely To Be Removed By Coup or Killed – Ex-Russian Minister



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Andrei Kozyrev, a former Russian Minister, has revealed what may likely happen to President Vladimir Putin for ordering military operation in Ukraine.

Kozyrev, who was Russia’s Foreign Minister from 1990 to 1996, disclosed that Putin could be ousted by an internal Kremlin coup.

Speaking with US Daily Express, the former Minister recalled that past leaders in the country were either killed or retired.

He said Putin could soon be ousted with an “armed escort either to the grave or to retirement.

“Many Russian csars were killed. Many were dismissed one way or the other.


“Even in the Soviet Union, there were ways; Stalin was said to have been poisoned, Khrushchev was just escorted out of the Kremlin.

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“With Putin, I very much expect there to be resistance growing and discontent growing that will be resolved one way or another.

“I don’t know which way but Russian history is full of unexpected outcomes.


“It’s horrific but it’s not irrational. To understand why the invasion was rational for Putin, we have to step into his shoes.”

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