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Why Nigeria Government is Killing Imo Youths – IPOB



IPOB members
The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has accused Nigerian government of killing Imo youths because they drive flashy cars.

IPOB, which made this known in a statement signed by its Media and Publicity Secretary, Mr. Emma Powerful, petitioned international organizations and human rights groups to join in the protest against the alleged genocide in the region

According to him: “There is ongoing secret genocide of our innocent youths for committing no crime other than going on flashy cars.

“We condemn the numerous deaths going on especially this festive period in Imo State. The elders, religious leaders and traditional rulers in the region must ask the perpetrators what the youths of our region committed against them that warranted these killings.

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“The traditional rulers, elders and religious leaders have suddenly gone into hiding in Imo State. Imo youths have suffered in their hands.

“The world should take note of these atrocities going on in Imo State and call the perpetrators to order. APC party and the Nigerian government should allow Imo State youths to go around their lawful businesses this festive season.

“Amnesty International and other reputable human rights organisations should be aware of the evil perpetrated by Nigeria Government against Imo citizens this time.

“They are just killing innocent people in the name of looking for ESN operatives. The gruesome killings going on now in Imo State are condemnable and unheard of.


“Why can’t they take those they arrest to their station for interrogation instead of killing them extra-judicially. Key questions to ask: Were these youths arrested with arms? Were they violent? Where on earth is it a crime to ride a flashy car?

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