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World Cup Will Introduce Antichrist — Evangelist Funmilayo ‘Mummy GO’



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Evangelist Funmilayo Adebayo, popularly known as Mummy GO, founder of Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God, has said that the Antichrist will be introduced to the world through the World Cup.

The controversial prophetess said this during a Sunday sermon wherein she said footballers will go to hellfire.

Speaking in an interview with BBC Pidgin, she said she’s not the only one that holds the opinion.

I’m not the only person who said that. We have people from Ghana who also said the same. Even white men said it too. Just go on Google, search for the god of soccer, it will be shown to you.


“Why didn’t I say the same about other sports? They just want to arouse every soccer lover against me. The event that will introduce the antichrist to the world will come through the World Cup,” she said.

On how people can make heaven, the clergywoman said it is by obeying God, which she described as a very difficult thing to do.

“The only way to make heaven is the most difficult task on Earth and that is to obey God. The reason why I said it is the most difficult task is that obedience to God is the most painful thing.

“For example, there is a way we dress that we find appealing, some of which are seductive. Imagine Jesus saying you have to stop dressing in that manner before you can make heaven. Is that not difficult?


“Also, you have a girlfriend who understands you, gives you business ideas and is okay in every way. Sadly, you are a married man.

“When your wife nags about money, the girlfriend consoles you. Will it not be painful if you hear a sermon that warns against extra-marital affairs? 80 per cent of what we like are disliked by God. That is why obeying God is difficult,” she said.

She however, did not say what edition of the football showpiece the anti-christ would be introduced.

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