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You have always cheated to me –  Portable slams manager Kogbagidi




Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, who rose to prominence after his hit single, ‘Zazu Zeh,’ featuring rapper Olamide Adedeji, aka Baddo, and popular dancer Iwe Pascal, popularly known as Poco Lee, went viral on social media about a month ago, has had another dispute with his promoter, Quadri Taoreed, aka Kogbagidi, for the second time in less than three weeks.

Portable accused Kogbagidi of stealing the SUV he was recently gifted by a fan in a video that went viral on social media on Thursday, January 6, 2022.

The singer, wielding a baseball bat, could be heard shouting at Kogbagidi to return the car, while also alleged that he had settled’ him on several occasions by giving him money on various occasions “I gave you $500 and N500,000 twice,” he explained. You’ve taken advantage of me. You’re well aware that you’re a ripper.”

Portable also requested that Kogbagidi inform him of his current position in the scheme of things. In response to Portable’s rant, Kogbagidi asked the singer how much money he had spent on his behalf.


Do you realize how much I’ve invested in you? Kogbadi inquired as they sat in a car together. He did, however, apologize to Portable and told him not to be angry.

Meanwhile, Portable posted a video of himself and Kogbagidi on Instagram less than 24 hours later.

Portable praised Kogbagidi in the video, referring to him as his boss and saying that they would always reconcile as often as they disagreed.

Remember that the ‘Zazu Zeh’ singer had previously clashed with Kogbagidi and Poco Lee, accusing them of taking undue credit for his song and allegedly coveting $2400 out of the $3000 that Grammy award singer, Ayo Balogun, aka Wizkid,’sprayed’ on him on stage during Wizkid’s Lagos concert.


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